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How To Smoke Weed Without A Pipe Or Papers

How To Smoke Weed Without A Pipe Or Papers

We have all had times when we were stuck without a proper piece to smoke out of. Searching for a pipe or the last bit of a rolling paper can make some of us lose our mind thinking about not getting a toke in after a long day of work.

Although veteran stoners know the tips and tricks of figuring out how to smoke without anything, beginners can find themselves wondering what to do when they find themselves out of papers or a pipe.

Below we have a list of ways you can smoke weed when you find yourself without your equipment. While these might not be the first choice for everyone, they tend to still get the job done and is better than not toking up at all!

1. Just Smoke the Nug

While this may be considered one of the most primitive ways of smoking your cannabis, it gets the job done.

If you find yourself with absolutely nothing to smoke from, this is a good last resort for toking up.

Video instructions here.

We don’t recommend this as the first choice on this list. If you have other materials that can be used to make a smoke alternative, that is probably your best bet.

But in general this method basically requires no materials except a lighter or stove to heat your nug up.

The benefit of this method is that anyone can basically smoke as long as they have their nug of weed.

The downside is that it tends to waste the nug a bit as it burns very quickly.

But as a last resort to smoking, at least it works! Just don’t burn your fingers.

2. Bottle Pipe

Creating your own bottle bong is simple, pretty easy to do and only take a minimal amount of materials. The preferred size of water bottle is about 16 oz.

Think standard water or coke bottle, which are pretty easy to come by if you don’t already have one somewhere in your home.

Water bottles are slightly better because they have less residue that may be left behind unlike in soda bottles.

Although this bottle pipe is a makeshift bong, it actually doesn’t require water, which is nice.

How to:

For the bowl, you will want to use about a 2.5” x 2.5” piece of aluminum foil to create a makeshift bowl where you will set your weed in.

Simply wrap the foil around the hole of your bottle cap and poke some holes through it to inhale the smoke through.

Also poke holes through the sides of the actual bottle to get some air filtration as this helps the smoke.

Video instructions here

3. Can Pipe

Similar to a bottle pipe, this is an easy method of creating your own mini hand pipe.

This is ideal for a small easy way to smoke, although smoking from a can is not always recommended due to the possible chemicals that the metal or plastic may contain. But it is low risk for times of need.

How to:

Flip the tab off the top of the can, make a small slit in the side and some holes into the top of the can.

The small holes will act as filters and where you place our cannabis on, then simply heat up this part and inhale through the hole that you would normally drink out of.

4. Hot Knife

While some may be surprised by this method, smoking with a hot knife is one of the simplest ways you can get your toke in.

The best part is you can use your stove to heat up the knife, so if you find yourself without a lighter, no problem!

How to:

This method is quite simple. Just heat up the blade of your knife, plop some of your weed, hash, or wax onto the blade when fully heated, and place a bottle with a hole cut out over the top for hot tokes.

This method of smoking may be a bit harsh on the throat and lungs but will get you high.

5. Fruits and Veggies

Many stoners have attempted the typical apple bong when they found themselves out of other methods of smoking. But to some surprise, there are many fruits and vegetables ideal for creating your own smoke piece out of.

While some choose to avoid this method and think it’s crazy to waste fresh produce on a smoke piece, it isn’t the worst alternative to go with when you are out of papers or without a bowl.

They’re also pretty easy to create and usually have a sturdy base (depending on the fruit or vegetable you choose).

Below are the 5 best fruits and vegetables for you to create your own pipe out of.

Apple: Most veteran smokers have seen at least one person smoke out of an apple in their lifetime.

Their sturdiness provides pretty nice pulls to be honest, making them the most popular fruit to smoke out of.

Simply create a hole from the top of the apple into the center, as this acts like the bowl area for your weed.

Then cut a small hole from the side into the center and connect it to the bowl chamber.

Lastly cut one more small hole into the side of the apple to act as the carb hole and boom! Toke up

Pear: Similar structure to an apple, pears are a great piece to smoke out of.

Basically, with the same way you drill three holes into an apple, the same applies to the pear.

A hole to act as the bowl, the mouthpiece and carb cap and boom! Smoke session time.

Pineapple: These large fruits make perfect bongs as they are large enough to be filled with water and super sturdy.

Cut out the center of the pineapple for it to be hollow, and slice a hole through the side to use as the carb hole.

For better use, add a straw or mouthpiece to smoke through - although this is optional.

Avocado: While avocados have become popular in recent years on social media, they also make great smoke devices!

They are naturally tough and have enough moisture to provide decent hits.

The process is similar to other fruits such as apples and pears: three holes for a bowl, carb cap and mouthpiece.

Jalapeno: Yes, we know it may sound crazy but a jalapeno is actually a common way to smoke in various parts of the world.

There may be some extra harshness to your hit as these guys are obviously spicy, but that’s what makes it exciting.

To begin, remove the stem at the top of the jalapeno, and create a hollow tunnel through the middle of the pepper.

Bite the top to create a second chamber and place your weed where the stem originally was.

This is a fairly easy one hitter to create when you’re out of other options.

Pumpkin (bonus): If you happen to have a pumpkin nearby, we have an article here on how to make a pumpkin bong.

6. Hollowed-out Cigarette

If you find yourself without rolling papers a great alternative to a joint is to fill a cigarette with weed instead.

How to:

Simply get rid of the tobacco in your cigarette by using a toothpick or slowly unwrapping your cigarette. Re-pack and re roll as you would a standard joint.

To save weed you can also easily mix your tobacco product with some cannabis for a classic spliff.

7. Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs take us back to our youth. They are easy to make, get you extremely high, and provide pretty large hits using only a small out of weed. Bonus, they are easy to conceal the smell.

Gravity bongs may look complicated at first but they are quite easy to make.

How to:

If you have a drill socket it is ideal for using to put weed in, but if not no biggie. You can make your own socket out of tin foil.

Simply light a hole in the bottom of the plastic of a standard water bottle, coke bottle or another small bottle. Place the bottle in a large container of water.

You can use a plastic tub or opt for cutting the top part of a large plastic gallon. Fill this with water and stick your bottle into the container, then add your weed into the aluminum made bowl.

When you light a gravity bong, you’re going to want to slowly pull the bottle out of the water so the gravity pulls the smoke out (sounds complicated but check out this video to understand how it works because it is fairly easy!).

And boom, get ready for some extremely strong and powerful hits. 

8. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is easily maneuverable and can be manipulated into the shape of a pipe for easy smoking.

How to:

Simply poke some holes for ventilation, shape a piece into a bowl and smoke with this easy and simple method.

When There's A Will, There's A Way

Each of these methods may have their own pros and cons. But for the most part there is usually a way to smoke without a bong.

While some are more recommended than others (for example if you have a fruit, veggie or tools to make a gravity bong, that may be better than just smoking the nug). All these methods will at least get you high.

Of course, some ways may waste a bit more weed, or provide less ideal hits. But this list is for when you are desperate. 

Like when you get home from work and break your pipe and all the headshops in your town are closed, because yes it does happen!

No stress if you are out of a pipe, bong, or paper. If there is a will there is a way to spark up.

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