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How To Make A Pumpkin Bong

How To Make A Pumpkin Bong

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…fall! The weather is finally cooling down, fall foods and flavors are back, and Halloween is right around the corner. Everything about fall makes you want to adventure or try something new. If you’ve never been to haunted house or a pumpkin patch, now is the best time to do it. And it’s always fun to get a little stoned before you go out for fall fun. To stay in the season spirit why not smoke from a pumpkin bong!? Pumpkins are perfect to smoke out because they are hollow. So they require little to no gutting. There are couple ways your can make a pumpkin bong but no matter how you do it make sure you’re being safe.

What you’ll need:

  • Permanent marker or pen
  • Small knife
  • Downstem
  • Straw (optional)
  • Bottle of water
  • Note: make sure to pick a nice solid pumpkin, the more solid the more hollow it is. A older or softer pumpkin will be difficult to smoke out of.


  • With your permanent marker or pen, mark where you would like your downstem to be and your mouth piece. They should be on opposite sides of each other.
  • Take the small knife and start to carve into the spaces where you marked. You want to make a hole that will fit the down stem without breaking it but also without is being too loose. Then carve a large enough hole for you to inhale.
  • At this point there are two different ways you can get the water inside of the pumpkin.
  • Option 1 – Cut the stem out of the pumpkin and remove it (like a top). Remove the guts inside the pumpkin, fill with water until it reaches the downstem, then place the top pack on.
  • Option 2 – After carving your mouth piece on the side of the pumpkin, pour water into that hole. Here you will have to guess when you feel like you have enough water since you can see inside the pumpkin as well.
  • Test the water level and function by inhaling and adjust accordingly.
  • Finally SMOKE!

In case those directions we’re a bit confusing, there are tons of really helpful step by step YouTube videos to help you out as well. And you can carve and design it however you would like.

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