How Much Water to Put in Your Bubbler

How Much Water to Put in Your Bubbler

What Is a Bubbler?

Bubblers are quickly becoming an extremely popular piece in a smoker's set up, combining the portability and ease-of-use of a regular pipe with the smoothness of a bong. Bubblers are almost a perfect cross between a pipe and a regular bong. In terms of shape and size, bubblers resemble pipes, meaning they're usually smaller than a regular bong and also cannot be taken apart for easy cleaning. Both a bubbler and the bong have a water and a percolation system to filter smoke and create soft, smooth hits. Like a bong, the best way to get quality filtration and an enjoyable sesh is adding water. Adding the perfect amount of water is very crucial to the smoking experience and is very important to get the full function of a bubbler.

How To Fill a Bubbler with Water

Filling up the bubbler with water can be a difficult task, especially if you're new to smoking. The simplest way to fill a bubbler is through the bowl, the mouthpiece is not only extremely narrow, making it easy to spill but the way it curves might make the amount of water filled deceiving. When put a little bit of water in, you suck just as if you were taking a hit. This settles the water and you can move on to the next step.

How Much Water to fill a Bubbler With

Like mentioned above, having just the right amount of water is essential to your smoking experience. Having too much water can create backsplash or give you stale hits. Not having enough water doesn't filter the smoke and it can be pretty harsh on your lungs. The right amount of water is similar to that of a bong with a downstem, you fill until the stem is about halfway submerged in water. This gives you just enough water to pull the smoke and filter it properly, without having the gross water come back in backsplash. The bubbler water level is very important to the smoking experience, so next time you use your bubbler, remember how to fill it.


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