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How Much Water to Put in Your Bubbler

How Much Water to Put in Your Bubbler

Here are some tips for figuring out how much water to put in your bubbler.

Water filtration adds a layer of diffusion to your hits, making them smoother and less harsh on the throat, but your piece won’t function properly without the right amount of water.

Achieving the optimal water levels in a bubbler can be tricky, and depending on the appearance of your bubbler this can become an even more difficult task.

Clear or light colored bubblers have easily identifiable parts, but dark glass with multiple chambers can be challenging.

Here’s what to consider when filling your bubbler.

How To Fill a Bubbler with Water

How high to fill the bubbler


Fill the chamber from the bowl so the stem is submerged in the water.  This is usually just under halfway for most bubblers. 

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Tip 1: Check the stem. When you’re filling your water bubbler, like you would in a bong, you always want to make sure your downstem is completely submerged. The rule of thumb is to have it about 3/4s to an inch submerged. Without the end of the downstem under the water, your smoke won’t travel through the water and will hit like a dry pipe.

Tip 2: Is there a percolator? If you have a percolator or a diffused downstem, you want to make sure your water level is above the slits on the perc to make sure they’re working properly.

Tip 3: Adjust the water level. After filling your piece with water, try hitting it without a herb a few times to feel the drag. If the water is too high, you’ll get splashback and it’ll be difficult to pull. Too little water and you won’t be able to produce enough bubbles. Remember that the more bubbles, the smoother your hit will be due to the surface area of smoke. 

Tip 4: Experiment. If your smoke still feels harsh, you may not have enough water and need to add more. If it feels a little stale, you may have added too much.

All bubblers are made different and there isn’t a sure amount of water to put in every time. You have to keep trying different levels and feel your hits until you’re at the perfect level.

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What is a Bubbler?

A bubbler is a handheld water pipe that combines the portability and size of a dry pipe with the superior water filtration of a bong.

Adding a water chamber significantly reduces the harshness from hot smoke, letting you have an enhanced smoking experience in a smaller package.

Check out our bubbler vs bong comparison if you're confused about the differences.

Bubblers are said to be one of the best pieces to add to your collection. Simply pour out the water when you’re done and they easily fit into pockets and bags.

While they come in many different styles and shapes, some of the best bubblers aim to use water filtration on a smaller scale. 

Types of Bubblers

  • Hammer - As the name implies, these bubblers are shaped like hammers. The design gives them a flat bottom for more stability, making them easier to use.
    Hammer Bubbler

  • Sherlock - This style of bubbler gets its name from the great detective Sherlock Holmes, who was known to smoke from a pipe the same shape. The pipe usually features a large bowl and an arched stem that sits upright.

    Sherlock Bubbler
  • Sidecar - Sidecar bubblers are a second integration of bubblers where the stem and mouthpiece is attached to the side of the water chamber at an angle. This helps eliminate the splashback that can occur in other designs if water levels aren’t correct.
    Sidecar Bubbler
  • Double Bubbler - A double bubbler is simply a bubbler with two water chambers for double water filtration. 

    Double Bubbler
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