Smoke Session Etiquette

A sesh is such a warm and welcoming environment. Everyone gets super relaxed, has good conversations, listens to good music, eats all the snacks, and just overall has a good time. However there is always that one person during the session that could ruin it for every one. There’s the bad blunt roller who swear they can roll a fat blunt but ends up handing over something gross and slimy. There’s the person who doesn’t pitch anything to the session, like ever. I can on about the type of person you don’t want to encounter or be during a group sesh. The point is like all social events there is an un-spoken etiquette.

There are do’s and do not’s in the world of smokers, that should be respected. No following the “smokers rules” just make you someone that no one else likes to smoke with. And yes smoking alone is great but sometimes a having someone else to toke with makes the experience even better. It’s also great to have other people to smoke with in case you smoke too much.

So what should you do and not do during a group sesh?

Do: Bring something you can share.

If you were invited to a potluck you wouldn’t come empty handed, so don’t come to sesh with nothing to share either. Bring some herbs, bring papers, bring snacks, bring water; it truly doesn’t matter as long as you bring something to help the whole group out. Of course if you can bring additional herbs to the sesh so you can keep the party going.

Don’t: Bring bad flowers.

Yes, you should bring whatever you can but don’t bring something that you would even let your worst enemy smoke. If you come is sprinkles of left over herbs from you ash tray or a gross old blunt just don’t come at all.

Do: Volunteer to help clean up afterwards.

Whoever is hosting the sesh probably will be equally as high as you are, so be a friend and help them out if they need it. Don’t leave their place trashes with roaches and hot cheeto dust everywhere. Be considerate and they will probably invite you again in the future.

Don’t: Be a sloppy smoker.

It’s pretty common to knock over something or accidentally make a mess when your faded. If you do, don’t be a jerk and just leave it obviously clean up after your self. You wouldn’t think this would have to be explained but I have seen people just leave a mess during a sesh.

Don’t: Hog the blunt, drop the blunt, wet the blunt.

There is at least one person in a sesh who takes way too many puffs and then doesn’t pass. Also don’t take the blunt and then sit with it while you tell a story. Don’t lick it because you feel like it’s too loose (germs hello!), and most importantly don’t drop it. But if you do just pick it back up and light it again.

Don’t: Blow smoke is someone’s face.

This is kindly explained by our friends Buddfeed.

Do: Be a good smoke buddy.

The key to being a good smoking buddy is basically not being jerk. Bring something and be kind. Don’t hog the herbs and do have a good time with your friends. Don’t do any of the don’ts mentioned above and you will more likely always be invited to the next round.

The smoke sesh rules vary but there are the overall basics. What is your number one smoke session rule or pet peeve? Let us know in the comments


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