Resinate Green Cleaning Solution - 12oz


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The Resinate green cleaning solution is great for your glass pieces that have extra heavy build-up such as dab rigs or heavily used bongs that haven't been cleaned in a while. This formula is abrasive (meaning it has little crystals to help scrub off that hard to remove debris) and starts working instantly. Before pouring the solution into your piece, shake the bottle really well to make sure the abrasive that have settled at the bottom get evenly distributed. Let it soak for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water. For tougher buildups rinse and repeat. A must have if you have a oil rig or dab rig. Safe for use on glass, pyrex glass, ceramic, and metal.

For something less abrasive, try using the Resinate Blue Cleaning Solution!


  • 12 oz bottle.

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