Mini Double Recycler Rig

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The Mini Double Recycler rig is equipped with top and bottom water chambers for maximum flavor, function, and air flow. When you inhale, you pull the water from the bottom main reservoir or chamber, and it flows up through the recycler rig's side and top chambers. Then the water is recycled back down through the rig, where it collects again in the bottom reservoir. This function results in smoother hits, packing great flavor in every hit!

Aside from the providing the smoothest hits, recyclers are perfect in so many more ways. Most recyclers are built with two chambers so not only can you see the water being recycled it also acts as a splashguard so water splashing in your mouth is nearly impossible. Another advantage that water filtration offers is it allows less time for vapor to air contact. The longer smoke interacts with air, the staler it can become, therefore a recycler bong gives you not only the smoothest but it also gives you the most flavorful hits. 


  • Height: 6 inches
  • Joint size: 14mm female
  • Includes: 14mm male quartz banger

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