Double Arm Eclipse Recycler by Cloud Glass


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Just let your mind wander as you look at this stunning scientific glass piece. The swiss design allows you to see the recycling action through the holes of the body.  This awesome design is hard to put in words, the function is absolutely insane.  

This rig will easily become your new daily driver for many reasons. The wide base fills completely with water for a nice sturdy sit down.  The showerhead perc blast bubbles up through the body and into the recycling tubes for a perfect swirl.  The recycling chamber is separated from the body so you can see it all happening in perfect harmony.  Watch as the water flows through the body and up the arms, and swirl down the funnel back into the perc

You can clearly see the high level of artistry and detail this rig has to offer. Why spend a fortune on lesser rigs when you could have an impressive recycler by Lotus instead! Order yours today to add this hidden gem to your collection with FREE, fast, discreet shipping.

  • Height: 8 inches
  • Joint size: 14mm
  • Includes: 14mm male quartz banger

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