Slyme Green Percolator Bong


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The slyme green percolator bong gives super smooth hits thanks to its dual perc design. This bong features a removable diffused downstem to begin the filtration process, and has a showerhead perc to continue the diffusion of smoke. This water pipe features an ice catcher, a deep bowl, a flared mouthpiece, and clear glass throughout. 

The ice catcher cools your hits and gives you a smooth and cool hit you will enjoy every-time. The deep bowl allows you to pack it and get the most out of every hit. The flared mouthpiece allows you to comfortable take the hit without worrying about water from ever rising up. The clear glass not only adds to the beauty but you can easily see the bong in motion while you take your hits. The slyme green only adds to the bong as it greatly compliments the entire bong. Add this bong to your set up and watch how cool and smooth the hits are, all while watching it firsthand in the sleek glass.


  • Height: 8 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Includes: Downstem and 14mm Bowl Piece

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