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What To Do When You Smoke Too Much

What To Do When You Smoke Too Much

We have all had or know someone who has had the experience of smoking too much. It’s not fun. There’s a difference between moderately smoking and enjoying yourself and overdoing on accident. Although you cannot overdose from tobacco and dry herbs, it can make you feel sick or extremely paranoid if you over smoke it.

Smoking responsibly and knowing your limit is the best way to overall avoid getting too paranoid. Don’t feel pressured by who you’re smoking with to have more than usual or try something new if you’re not completely comfortable with it. If you do decide to try something out of your smoking comfort zone, do it will people you trust and in an environment you’re 100% comfortable in to ensure you stay safe and enjoy the experience.

But there are going to be times when you realize “Oh no I’m too paranoid”. Don’t panic. Here are some great tips and tricks to use during those times.

Drink water or coffee.

One of the first signs of smoking too much is dry mouth. Drinking a lot of water before and during your smoke session is helpful in preventing over medicating, especially if you don’t typically drink much water. If you’re a regular coffee drink, it can also help you regain focus and clarity.

Take a walk or get some fresh air.

Sometimes the mind and body just get overwhelmed, thus stretching and walking in some fresh open air is great to counteract a bad vibe. Go on a walk with a friend, so you have someone to talk to and distract you. Getting some air also reintroduce fresh oxygen to your lungs and brain. Take deep breathes and make sure you keep moving.

Take a nap or sleep it off.

This is my personal favorite option, it’s a bit difficult but it’s the best if you’re by yourself or feel physically sick. Sometimes sleep really is the best cure, and no matter what you’re mind is saying or your having trouble actually falling asleep don’t get up. Laying down and letting your mind and body relax is necessary for the come down to work.

Put things into perspective/Regain mental control.

“Everything is okay, everything is going to be okay, I am okay,” use this little mantra to help bring you back to Earth and off cloud nine. Often when you get too paranoid, it’s difficult to differentiate your thoughts and your reality, thus you may get really paranoid or scared for no logical reason. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. Remind yourself no one has ever died and that once this feeling passes everything is going to be okay.

Distract/ground yourself.

By giving yourself something to do or to focus on helps pull your mind of away from being too paranoid. Be aware though that whatever you decide to do, listen to, or watch doesn’t make you feel more uncomfortable. Stay away from things such as scary movies or abstract images. Drawing, listening to your favorite music, stretching or cleaning are great ways to bring yourself back to reality.

Talk to someone sober (or at least less paranoid).

Calling a friend or chatting with a trusted neighbor can help you come down a lot. Ask them questions and tell them what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling. They can help you understand what’s actually happening versus what you think is happening, and re-assure you that you’re not melting and will be okay in the morning.

If you have any more tips and tricks feel free to leave them in comments. If all else fails visit your local doctor or ER for further assistance. Remember to smoke responsibly and don’t drive or operate heavy machinery.

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