What is the Best Ash Catcher to Use?

What is the Best Ash Catcher to Use?


The best ash catcher to use is definitely the Matrix Recycler Ash Catcher by Diamond Glass. Nothing’s worse than the sight, smell, and taste of a dirty water pipe. Keep your bongs and dab rigs cleaner with the help of this amazing ash catcher. This Diamond Glass ash catcher’s matrix percolator reduces drag and evenly diffuses smoke for a smoother experience. With each hit, this ash catcher keeps water moving between its chambers, maximizing filtration. Whether you smoke flower or concentrate, this ash catcher will keep your glass much cleaner.

Best Ash Catcher to Use

Here’s why we think this is the best ash catcher to use

It can’t be labeled the best ash catcher if it spills dirty water into your waterpipe. With the Matrix Recycler ash catcher, the water travels up through the percolator and back down to the bottom for continuous percolation and zero splash back.

The Matrix Recycler Ash Catcher by Diamond Glass has an impressive percolating system with horizontal and vertical slits that filter smoke. Airflow is moved downward into the Ash Catchers percolator, preserving some of the smoke to be recycled for your next hit, while the rest flows into your smoking device. This feature helps keeps your smoking device clean, and you happy. It’s no reason this is the best ash catcher in the game.


Matrix Perc Ash Catcher Precooler

  • 14mm Female and 14mm Male Joint
  • Glass on Glass
  • Gender Changer, Nails for Legal Concentrate, and Other Accessories Available
  • Clear Borosilicate Glass w/ Logo
  • Height: 5.25”
  • Weight: 9 oz.
  • Thickness: 0.125”
  • Base: 2”

Other great ash catcher percolators

Classic Showerhead Ash CatcherShowerhead Percolator
– This perc is great for an ash catcher because of its smooth and even diffusion, minimal drag, and low splash back.











Hammerhead Ash CatcherHammerhead Percolator – The hammerhead perc features slits on both sides of the hammerhead. This design offers very minimal splash back, and a rigorous diffusion.


Moonrock Perc Ash CatcherMoonrock Percolator – This design features a widened stem with multiple holes. This design is extremely effective for catching ash and keeping it out of your waterpipe. It bubbles nicely and stays low, keeping the dirty water from spilling into your piece.

Visit out our ash catchers page for more information on all of our favorite ash catchers

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