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Using a Dab Rig

Using a Dab Rig: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking for something stronger than just one joint? If yes, dab rigs are the best solution for you!

This is a start that will amaze you, as just one puff of a dab is equivalent to smoking an entire joint. And don’t get us wrong; nothing illegal is added to strengthen the flavor and give you that amazing clean hit. 

A dab is typically a concentrate of cannabis (primarily butane hash oil), created by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from raw plant materials. The acquired variety of consistencies is much stronger than the cannabis flower found in a typical joint. 

This drug is used for recreational inhalation using a device called dab rigs, which is also sometimes called dab bongs. Consider it to be something similar to a water pipe, specifically designed for consuming cannabis concentrates rather than flowers. 

In recent years, the use of dab rigs has grown in popularity and they are now readily available at smoke shops, dispensaries, and online head shops. In this article, we will shed light on the components of a dab rig, how to choose one, and how you can use it correctly to smoke herb concentrates - stick around to learn more. 

Dab Rig - Everything You Need to Know

While one can use any type of water pipe for dabbing, it doesn’t hit as strongly as using the right dab rig. Thus, it’s wise to know about the mechanics and components of a dab rig, which we are going to explain just now:

Understanding the Dab Rig Components


The banger or perhaps the nail is a dab bowl where you put the cannabis concentrate and heat it. The heating element comes attached to the dab rig, but purchasing the nail by itself is better. It comes with heat-resistant characteristics, including quartz and ceramic, making it suitable for heat under extreme temperatures. 

Additionally, if you don’t like the thought of using external heating devices to heat the nails, you can opt for electric nails. These types of nails don’t require external heating devices. The best part? You digitally control the temperature, thus using the dab rig as you please.

Dabbing Torch

Now, you can’t just use a lighter to heat the nail. It will take ages before you can get the best hits. 

A dabbing torch will serve you well as it’s much more potent in providing the desired temperature than a typical lighter. To save your precious coins, we recommend using a refillable butane torch. 


A dabber is the tool you use to pick the cannabis concentrate and put it in the nail. Dabbers look like small shovels but are available in various designs and styles. 

Like the nail, dabbers come in various materials ranging from glass, ceramic, or metal. Don’t overlook the importance of this tool if you don’t want your fingers to be burned.


A dab is a dose of concentrated cannabis extract. It’s usually the size of a rice grain but delivers powerful hits. A dab can be waxy, sticky, or brittle in consistency; however, if you want an enjoyable experience, ensure you let your budtender know which options suit your needs and preferences.


Similar to a bong, every dab rig has a mouthpiece that you will use to inhale the product.

Carb Cap

As the name suggests, the carb cap covers the dab while it vaporizes. It doesn’t come attached to your wax rig - you have to buy it separately. 

A carb cap helps capture more wax vapor to inhale, thus preventing the waste of concentrate. 

Choosing the Right Dabbing Material 

Do you enjoy favorable hits? Guessing that you do, choosing the suitable dabbing material can make the whole difference. 

You see, materials make an impact on flavor. That said, you want to choose a material that delivers the purest flavor from your concentrates.  

According to experts, glass, ceramic, and quartz deliver the best favorable hits. Stainless steel and titanium have a knack for leaving a metallic aftertaste when dabbing.

If you prioritize durability over flavors, opt for titanium. This type of material will last forever, no matter how many times you drop it or overheat it.

Preparing Your Dab Rig 

Secure the Dab Nail

If you are attaching a nail to your wax rig, you want to ensure it’s properly secured. Using the dab rig when the nail is not secure can subject you to a lot of pain, especially if the nail is already heated. 

Add the Right Amount of Water

You still need water for smooth and favorable hits. The dab rig water level guide should help you know the right amount to add.

Heating the Dab Nail

After putting in the right amount of dab concentrate, you want to torch your nail until it starts glowing red. You can use the blowing torch for 20-30 seconds, depending on its intensity and the thickness of the nail. 

For proper heating, ensure you torch the entire nail, from top and bottom to the sides. After seeing the red glow, allow the dab to cool down for about 30 seconds. Putting the dab while it’s too hot will just lead to waste.

Taking the Dab

Use a dabber to pick the dab and place it on the nail. Remember, the right temperatures are the key to getting smooth and strong hits. So, ensure you use the right amount of concentrate. Overloading the nail causes a temperature drop, stopping the concentrates from vaporizing properly.

Once you drop the right amount of dab, inhale through the mouthpiece just like you would do with a typical bong. And don’t forget to cover the dab nail with the carb cap to avoid airflow, which can change the temperature.

Post Dab Maintenance

Just like you clean your bong to enhance the smoking experience and increase durability, you also need to do the same with your dab rigs. 

Over time, dab rigs also accumulate residues that can ruin your smoking sessions. To keep your dab clean, you need to stock up some specialized cleaners.

After dabbing, use a cotton swab to wipe off any residues. Next, you want to go in with rubbing alcohol to clean the water chamber. This step is easy; all you have to do is empty the water and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Close the openings and shake them vigorously for a few seconds. Let it soak for an hour, and there you have it!- A clean chamber. 

For the dabber, you can clean it with your nails or fingertips.

Dabbing offers a unique and existing way of consuming cannabis. With ponent and immediate effects, you don’t need to worry about rolling joints now and then.

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