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10 Best Movies to Watch While High

10 Best Movies to Watch While High

Last month we covered the best television shows to watch while high. Now that’s the weather is cooling down and fall is here, staying in with a cup on hot tea watching movies is the ultimate at home comfort this time of year. If you are a smoker than enjoying a tea with a nice fat joint is probably more of your thing. Smoking while watching a movie makes you notice things you may have not noticed, because you are hyper-focused on what you are watching. You don’t have to be high to enjoy the movies listed, but it does make the experience way more entertaining.

Half Baked

Staring Dave Chapelle, Jim Breuer, and Guillermo Diaz, as friends who love to smoke but also love each other. When one of them gets arrested they have to secretly sell stuff to bust him out. This is a classic smoker movie, it’s incredibly corny but also really funny, especially if you’re baked. And add on some Half Baked ice cream while watching to satisfy your munchies during.

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Film adaptation of the famous book by Hunter S. Thompson, this film is very trippy. It’s a little bit difficult to watch sober honestly. Starring Johnny Depp and Benico Del Toro as two writers who take a weekend road trip to Las Vegas in a red convertible with a lot of drugs and no clue.

American Ultra

Ever heard of a laid back James Bond? Yea, neither did I until American Ultra. Jesse Eisenberg is a regular guy who likes his job, likes his girl friend (Kristen Steward), likes to smoke, and likes his life the way it is until he discovered he is actually a highly trained spy with an erased memory. There’s a lot going in this movie so relaxing before hand could help out.

Mac & Devin Go to High School

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg teamed up to create the ultimate smoke session comedy. There’s a talking joint in the beginning, what more could you ask for? This movie is not amazing and the story line is a bit confusing. But if you’re looking for something to watch with good music to smoke to this is a great choice.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It just not October/fall if you don’t watch The Nightmare Before Christmas at least once this month. Almost everyone has seen this movie since it came out in 1993 , but watching it after a session can be a whole new viewing experience. And if you are a major fan of Tim Burton films, this is of course always a great one to watch.

Pulp Fiction

Acclaimed director, Quinten Tarantino, creates films in his own unique style and voice. Pulp Fiction no exception. This is a series of small stories all tied into one by the main characters played by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. If you have never seen Pulp Fiction you are truly missing a modern cinematic masterpiece.

Across The Universe

If romance and musicals are more of your liking than Across The Universe is perfect for you. This entire movie is based on hit songs by The Beatles, and performed very well by the actors. Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood play two star crossed lovers who views differ about the war, but music (and a few drugs) bring them all back together.


This animated film actually has a much deeper than just being another cute children’s movie. Themes of discrimination and oppression are all over this one, but you could miss it if you don’t pay close attention. Both kids and adults can a learn about their own views on certain types of people all from a movie about a bunny and a fox. Who knew!?


This documentary follows Snopp Dogg’s transitioning into becoming Snoop Lion. He takes a trip to Jamaica and is spiritually changed through his experiences and the rastafari religion. There’s a lot of smoking and amazing reggae music throughout the whole film. Watching Snoop’s spiritually transform is actually very inspiring and entertaining.

How High

This is another comedy cult classic. When Red Man and Method Man smoke a “special joint” that makes them pass and exam to get them accepted into the an ivy league college, they turn the whole place upside down. The movie isn’t genius, but Redman and Methodman together are of course hilarious.

Whatever you decide to watch during your session make sure you are fully ready with all your snacks and smoking supplies.There’s a section for ever stage of rolling a movie friendly blunt.

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