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Summer Vacation Ready Water Pipes & Bongs

Summer Vacation Ready Water Pipes & Bongs

The weather is warming up, the sleeves are coming off shirts, and summer is quickly approaching. Hooray! With summer on it’s way many people are getting their minds and bodies ready for vacation. But you know what else you should get ready for vacation mode? You’re flowers and smoking supplies of course!

Nothing is better than enjoying a big bowl of beautiful bud on a warm summer day. It’s just the epitome of relaxation. Some pieces you definitely don’t want to take with you on vacation though. Any glass pieces that’s really big or heady you should probably leave home, and obviously doesn’t travel really well. The smaller and more compact the better.

There are also some pieces that are great for travel, but don’t lose their beauty or function just because of their size. Here are some great pieces you can bring with you on vacation that are pretty, powerful, and portable.


Detox Water Rig by Empire Glass

This piece by Empire Glass is fruity and fun. Standing at only 8 inches tall and with a convenient handle, which is perfect for portability. It actually doesn’t even look like a water pipe until someone smokes out of it so it’s also pretty discreet. You can also use this piece for flower or dabbing by switching out the bowl piece. Bring this lightweight piece to the beach or on a road trip, just don’t get it confused with your actual drink.

Coconut Rig by Empire Glass

Empire Glass works does it again with this fun and creative coconut rig. This is another piece that someone would have to double take at to even realize that it’s a smoking accessory. It’s a beautiful and highly detailed glass coconut with a glass fruit and a mini glass umbrella to make it look like a cocktail. You can also use this rig for dabs or flower by simply changing the bowl piece. Turn any boring day into a tropical vacation with this nostalgic rig.

8” Rasta Zong

This ‘zong’ can truly roll with the punches of your travel adventures. It’s unique zig zag design is flexible and can held any which way without breaking. Made of thick 5mm borosilicate glass, this Rasta Colored Zong is highly resistant to chipping and cracking. The Z-shaped neck and joint are especially strong, featuring thick tubing throughout. This bong also features a precision-cut slitted downstem for smooth even diffusion and smooth milky rips.

Glow in the dark Straight Shot Silicone Bong

If you are someone who is just super clumsy, broke every piece you own, or just don’t want to take the chance traveling with glass this silicone bong is perfect for you because it’s unbreakable! It’s also glow in the dark so you can have a night sesh in your car or on the beach without having to worry about kicking or knocking it over. Bend it, kick it, or knock it down this bong won’t break.

Bent Neck Water Pipe by Diamond Glass

This is one of our most popular small water pipes, and for good reason. It’s super travel friendly but has all the percs and features that you would find in a big piece. This 8’ bent neck water pipe by Diamond Glass is made with borosilicate glass, known as the strongest and most durable glass used when under pressure from heat. It’s glass thickness of 5mm ensures it will be difficult to crack or break. This water pipe has a beautiful stemless design with an inline percolator. You can easily and carefully stick it in your purse or backpack, and enjoy big milky hits with this cool little bong.

Herb Banger Hanger by Diamond Glass

This is another super function and super portable piece by Diamond Glass, they clearly know what they are doing. This banger hanger is only 5 inches tall but once again features the percs and detail you would find a big rig. It’s shape & design fits perfectly in your hand for a comfortable, secure no slip grip.The extra-wide mouthpiece is designed to reduce splash-back and is angled for an effortless toke. It also includes a laser-cut showerhead percolator for smooth hits every time.

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