Banger Hanger by Diamond Glass


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  • Hourglass shape for a secure grip
  • Wide, angled mouthpiece reduces splash-back
  • Showerhead percolator
  • 5mm borosilicate glass
  • Height: 5 inches
  • Joint: 14mm female
  • Includes: Quartz Cup

  • Diamond Banger Hanger

    This rig's bangin' curves are in all the right places. That hourglass shape is designed to slip perfectly into your hand for a comfortable, secure grip. Meanwhile, the extra-wide mouthpiece is designed to reduce splash-back and is angled for an effortless toke. The colored accents give this rig its personality, so you can pick from 4 awesome colors to really make it your own.

    Under the hood, this 5” Banger Hanger is equipped with a laser-cut showerhead percolator. That baby pulls double time to bring you clean, full-flavored hits from a handheld rig. It'll become your new favorite travel piece with its simple, compact, and sturdy design.

    Although it's shown with a dry herb slide, we also send a 14mm quartz banger out with your purchase to get you toking right away. Whether you're new to the banger hanger style or just want a touch of color in your proud collection, this is a must-have piece. We'll send it out next-day with FREE, discrete shipping and our unwavering 100% money back guarantee.



    • Height: 5 inches
    • Joint Size: 14mm female
    • Base Diameter: 5 inches
    • Height to top of joint: 5 inches
    • Includes: Dome is an online head shop located in Orange County, CA. All of our inventory is in stock, and ships within 1 business day.

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