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Perfect Spring Break Destinations for Smokers

Perfect Spring Break Destinations for Smokers

For many college students around the nation spring break is right around the corner. Midterms are done and it’s time to get lit. Everyone has their own way of “getting lit”, however if you’re a regular smoker you more than likely much rather enjoy a smoke sesh than shots. But if you in enjoy both remember if you decide to mix smoking and alcohol, smoke before you drink. As well as be safe and responsible with all your consumption, obviously.

Although places like Miami and Mexico are go to destinations for spring break crowds, there are other options that are a lot more smoker friendly, way less crowded, and also more affordable. Spring break is typically only a week long so you want to spend your time and money in a place you can actually feel comfortable and enjoy yourself, right?

Here are some great spring break destinations for those want to have a more chill and alternative spring break where they can just enjoy the views, the food, and of course the Mary Jane.



Colorado is clearly the first choice of smokers destinations. Colorado legalized medical use in November 2000 and recreational use in November 2012 . Ever since, the Colorado industry has earn millions. And recently they passed public use, so now users can smoke in approved coffee shops, parks, ect. There are also several leaf themed bus tours, bed & breakfast, clubs, restaurants, and more! It’s a beautiful city in general but their high quality products and large user community just elevates the experience even more.


The California smoking culture has been recognized in many iconic songs and movies, and for good reason, there is truly nothing else like it. Rolling down Pacific Coast Highway with a joint in hand it the definition of California dreaming. And as of November 2016 recreational use was passed in this sunny state, making it easier (and legal) for visitors to get their hands on some high quality Cali products. Visit one of the many beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and tourist attracts all while being blazed.


Here is another state that recently passed as of November 2016, yay! Spring time in Massachusetts isn’t very warm but it is very pretty during this time of year. Also if you’re a fan of history or architecture MA is the perfect place for you.The Freedom Trail, Plymouth Plantation, Boston Commons, or the Museum of Fine Arts are all great stops. If you’re looking for a more outdoors approach to your vacation also check out the beaches, although they are not warm right now they are a beautiful place to enjoy a joint at.


Not only is it legal in Spain, but they are very well known for their social clubs. These social clubs are just like a night club or lounge, except of serving drinks they serve smoking products, or you can bring your own. According to reports Spain’s clubs are some of the friendliest and enjoyable experiences, and a popular destination for users from all around the world. Spain is of course a beautiful European country, so don’t spend all your time smoked out in the club, go out and explore!


Jamaica has always been connected to the smoking culture, however Jamaican government didn’t ease up on the smoking laws and use until last year. They great thing about Jamaica is that you can get a lot of high quality tobacco for a super low cost. Also let’s not forget their beautiful cities that any tourist must go see to believe, including the Negril, Kingston, Montego Bay, and many more. I’ve personally been to Jamaica once and highly suggest everyone visit once in their lifetime.


If you have any other suggestions for great smoker friendly spring break destinations let us know in the comments!

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