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How to Choose the Right Bowl Piece

When you purchase any bong in store or from an online headshop like Badass Glass, they come standard with a simple bowl, also referred to as a slide. These basic bong bowls get the job done, but they lack any personal flair and usually functionality beyond maybe a glass bead. When you’re ready to upgrade your setup to something that more fits your style, we suggest you keep a few things in mind. We’re going to break down some questions to ask yourself so that you know you’re getting your very own badass bowl piece.

First & Foremost - Your Joint Size & Gender

The most important thing you need to know when purchasing a new bowl is your bong’s joint size, as well as its gender. The industry standard joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm and will be gendered either male or female. If you need some help determining the joint size of your piece, you can check out our easy to read infographic here. All you'll need is a penny and you can easily learn your joint’s size.

Gender can be determined by looking at the piece. Does it have a bowl that fits into the bong, or one that fits over the extended bong joint? Female joints have male bowls slide into them, while male joints have female bowls slide over them. Here are some examples of both!

Other Questions to Ask Yourself

Once you’ve determined the size needed, next is to ask yourself who is typically smoking? Are you alone or are you usually with a partner? Next, are you clumsy? Do you tend to drop or knock things over? And are you looking for functionality, or something that looks nice? 

If that seems overwhelming - here’s why we ask those questions.

Depending on who you’re smoking with, you want to think about both snapper bowls, and over-sized bowls.

Snapper Bowls

martini snapper bowls for saleSnapper bowls are made to be enjoyed in one hit. You pack them normally and your pull should completely cash the bowl. Many smokers prefer snappers for the guaranteed huge hits every time, but others just prefer not accidentally lighting up some already charred bud. A common style of snapper bowls are martini bowls, named after their shape. 


oversized bowls for saleFor those who like sharing, or for those that don’t like repacking often, an oversized bowl is a great option. It’s big and thick and if you’re good with a lighter you can hit green multiple times before it's cashed. Lots of smokers say that the oversized bowl method helps them stretch out their supply.

If you’re prone to dropping your glass, you can definitely look into a metal bowl.

Metal Bowls

For those who don’t want to deal with how fragile glass is, the metal bowl is the piece for you. They will not break or crack due to small or tall falls. You’ll never have to buy another bowl again! Do make sure you’re buying pure quality metals like brass or stainless steel. These reliable bowls are sturdy, but be aware they do heat up after extended use. Try these metal bowls here from strong silicone. they're made with travel in mind.

If you’re looking for function, consider trying a bowl with a built in filter.

Built in Filters

These types of bowls are made with a little built-in screen that help stop ash and debris from being pulled down into your pipe, dirtying the water. Some smokers swear by them and you won’t know until you try it.

Filter bowl pieceFilter in Bowl piece

Here are some of the other functional and heady pieces that you can go with. There are many different variations of bong bowls and when it comes to purchasing your very own bowl, you have to find the one that works best for you, your budget, but most importantly for your setup. 

Novelty Bowls & Slides

We hope seeing these varying bowls for bongs has given you a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Cali Connected Double Sided Bowl Adapter

Another option for those who like to share, or those who like to be prepared, is a double bowl adapter like this one from Cali Connected. You can pack two full bowls with this piece to reduce packing times or just have a green hit on deck. This piece doesn't change the gender of your joint and makes a great party piece to pull out. 

Octopus Bowl Piece For sale

This simple bowl is part of our critter collection of bowls featuring animals. We have options like this cute octopus bowl, whose body acts as a handle to keep your fingers from the heat, elephants, geckos, and piggys! These cute bowls, made in San Bernardino, CA, come in several different color schemes to match your piece or your mood. You can check them out, along with our other bowls here!

snapper handle bowl


Everyone loves a good wig wag bowl and this one is no exception. The handle on this bowl makes it easy to grip and it's made of thick borosilicate glass to withstand heat and minor shock. We also have several color schemes available in this piece to match your style.

We hope you know a little bit more about what direction you want to go for your new piece and highly recommend checking out our entire selection of best bong bowls and slides.

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