How to Choose the Right Bowl Piece

We’ve previously covered how to choose the right dab rig, how to pick your water pipe, and covered the best ash catchersbut without the right bowl piece, you're not smoking at your highest potential. 

There are many different variations of bowls, also referred to as slides, for both water pipes and dab rigs alike. You have the find the one that works best for you, but most importantly for your setup. What size is my joint?

The industry standard joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm and will be gendered either male or female. If you need some help determining the joint size of your piece, you can check out our infographic here. All you'll need is a penny and you can easily find out.

As for the gender, the short version is any female will match any male of the same size and vice-versa. Male joints slide into female joints and female joints slide over male joints. Here are some examples of both!

Male and Female Joint examples


Let’s say you have the Diamond Glass Banger Hanger Recycler, which has a 14mm female joint. What bowl will you need?

Answer: Any 14mm male dry herb bowl or quartz banger will fit.

Once you have the hang of how to easily identify joint size and gender, switching them out is the fun part. They're kind of like an accessory for your bong or dab rig that gives it personality and style that matches you. The different attachments not only come in different colors and styles, but will help get the hit you're looking for. You may be looking for a large bowl piece to share with friends, or a personal daily driver that delivers the perfect rip. There's so many glass bowls and bangers to choose from.

Here are some examples of the artistry glass blowers put into their bowls and bangers. 

Darth Vader bong


Star Wars fans should check out the Darth Vader Helmet bowl piece




Terp Slurper


For fans of large dabs we recommend the Terp Slurper to get the most out of your oils and concentrates



cute panda bowl piece 


This cute panda bowl is the perfect gift for the animal lovers out there.



You can shop all our flower bowl pieces here and bangers and nails for dab rigs here.

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