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stoner gifts for him

Best Gifts For Smokers

If you really want to impress your significant other then you need the best gift for smokers. When shopping for the self proclaimed smokers in your life, it is very essential to find something that will satisfy both the man and the coolness in him. With all the cool smoke gadgets you can get your loving man in your life, here are some of the best stoner gifts for him that would make it one he will never forget.

1. Four Twenty Tray

Four Twenty Tray

If your man loves rolling joints or blunts, you know how messy it can get. Herb is not cheap and spilling it all over your floor is quite a tragedy. Carefully trying to salvage as much as it as you can is a hassle and can make the rolling experience less enjoyable.Thankfully, the four twenty rolling tray is perfect for preventing messes like this by featuring room to get your rolling done without making a mess. Designed to simplify the process of rolling the perfectly rolled blunt or joint, rolling trays are in high demand. The amazing design of the four twenty rolling tray, makes this not only a useful gift, but a well crafted and colorful rolling tray he won’t forget.

2. 4-Piece SuperCut Window Herb Grinder

4-Piece SuperCut Window Herb Grinder

This metal grinder features a clear window in the lid so you can watch the sharp, diamond-shaped teeth grind through your dry herbs and tobacco.

with no problem! The magnetized lid ensures a secure fit, a nylon friction ring ensures smooth grinding, and the pollen screen and dust catcher filter and collect pollen that can be gathered for re-use with the included scraper. This smoke gift is offered in several colors and designs, making it an ideal gift.

3. Gandalf Pipe

Gandalf Pipe

(Beard not included) if your boo is a Lord Of the Rings fan, he might giggle with glee at the gandalf pipe, if he’s not, the pipe is awesome enough to have him doing the same either way. This pipe offers the round and flat bottomed bowl and/or legs that prevent the piece from tipping over. Surrounding the bowl piece is its long neck that acts as an ash catcher to prevent from inhalation.

4. Striped Pipe

Striped Pipe

Staying on the subject of pipes, here is another popular option.Loved by the smooth taste, luscious and powerful hits, durability and the natural feel of carved rock, the striped pipe is among the most popular options among smokers. With a smooth, polished surface that stays cool to the touch, to the beautiful craftsmanship, the stripe pipe makes a great gift to smoke conveniently.

5. $100 Dollar Bill Rolling Paper

$100 Dollar Bill Rolling Paper

Designed to look like $100 dollar bills, these rolling papers put the swag in any smoking experience. These rolling papers not only look cool but also have a slow burning and natural material, made of vegetable oil.Make your man feel like a million bucks every time he sparks up with these rolling papers.

6. Zig Zag Rolling Machine

Zig Zag Rolling Machine

Highly regarded as one of the most prominent rolling machines, the Zig Zag rolling machine requires only four simple steps to roll the perfect joint. Match it perfectly with the hundred dollar rolling papers and your man will be the happiest smoker in the world.

7. Black Sword Pendant Dabber

Black Sword Pendant Dabber

The glass black sword dabber offer up a novel spin on the boring, old dabber tool. This heat-resistant borosilicate glass saber to serve up dab hits with great precision. They say the pen is mightier than the sword but is the vape pen mightier than the sword dabber? Only one way to find out!

8. Evolve Plus Wax Pen By Yocan

Evolve Plus Wax Pen By Yocan

Being the cheapest yet most popular wax pen in the market, this pen is perfect for discreet and effective smoking. Built with quartz coils, the pen heats up quickly and the QDC tech make it a smooth and clean hit every time. When it comes to cheap and durable, this wax pen is the way to go.

9. Hakuna Supply Locking Book Storage Box Bamboo Stash Jar Herb Grinder Stash Box Set

Hakuna Supply Locking Book Storage Box Bamboo Stash Jar Herb Grinder Stash Box Set

This discreet locking storage book box by Hakuna supply are made with faux leather with a felt lined interior. The built in metal sheet locks securely and the book is tightly sealed with a strong magnet. Included in the stash box set is a premium laser engraved bamboo stash jar and rotary engraved herb grinder with kief catcher and kief shovel. The roomy looking box allows you to stash all of your smoking products so you won’t have to worry about ever losing your set up. This discreet stash box set makes for the perfect package or gift for those who need extra layers of security. One of the best gifts for a smoker is one that conveniently seals his stash and keeps it safe.

10. The Dabber's Multi-Tool: Includes Pick, Concentrate Scoop, Paddle, Dab Fork and Heat Resistant Aluminum Oxide Carb

The Dabber's Multi-Tool

Being one of the coolest smoking gadgets in the market, the Nuggy Dab has long been extremely useful and the high quality, whether you use four different dabbers or you use heat resistant Alox shell that doubles as a carb cap.Being both thin and light to hold, it's perfect for taking with you on the go or adding style to your coffee table. the tools will still lock securely in place during use to ensure a safe experience. The most convenient all in one dab tool features some of the most useful features for the dabber in your life. This cheap smoke gifts is perfect due to its pocket size and tremendous use.

11. Baseball Bat Steamroller

Baseball Bat Steamroller

With baseball season in full swing, what better way to celebrate America's favorite pastime than with this magnificent steamroller piece. Crafted to resemble a baseball bat, the long and durable body provides a sturdy bong and the wide mouthpiece provides a comfortable toke. Complete with a black grip to prevent it from ever falling as well as an ice catcher, you can't go wrong with this quality bong.

12. Waxmaid Horn Silicone Glass Bong

Waxmaid Horn Silicone Glass Bong

Made with FDA approved food grade silicone, the waxmaid horn silicone glass bong is the perfect bong for the clumsy smoker. The glass in the middle allows you to watch the glass fill up with smoke, while providing some protection against shattering the top and bottom of the piece. The removable waxmaid skin is removable, making it easy for you clean after use.

13. Gas Mask Bong

Gas Mask Bong

The adjustable mask fits anyone comfortably and securely attaches to an acrylic bong.The perfect seal allows you to rip straight from inside the mask with no loss of suction. The ventilation holes at the bottom of the mask allow you to exhale without lifting the mask. This technology is revolutionary and made to last with it's tough acrylic water-pipe and flexible silicone mask. Experience the power of the hotbox without every hit! Get this gas mask bong for the most daring man!

14. High Again Honeycomb Hammerhead Dab Rig

High Again Honeycomb Hammerhead Dab Rig

Combine your man's two loves with this novelty dab rig. The High Again honeycomb hammerhead dab rig provides a unique look while providing all the perks a honeycomb dab rig has, such as the revolutionary diffusion. The long body works as a perfect splashguard and the cozy provides authenticity to the bong.

15. Villain Pipe

Villain Pipe

The force is strong with this pipe. Join the dark side with this novelty pipe only found at If your man is a star wars freak, he will love you forever and ever with this out of this world ceramic pipe. Conquer galaxies or simply transport yourself to a galaxy far, far away.

16. Wake n Bake Mug

Wake n Bake Mug

Getting up in the morning can be tough, the Wake n Bake Mug can make waking up a little easier with its cool graphics and fun words to start your morning. This mug holds your drink of choice to get the day going. Although it looks like an ordinary coffee mug, it is much more. This piece offers a special secret storage place for your little energy boost in the morning.

17. Personalized Lighter

Personalized Lighter

A very sentimental smoke gift, it doesn't get much more touching than this. Every guy whose ever existed secretly wants a custom lighter to carry around and show off every opportunity he gets. It's a simple yet impactful gift all for a very affordable price. The small, convenient little lighter can make all the difference in world with his initials scratched on the side, or any other personal message.

18. Personalized Canna Watch

Personalized Canna Watch

Staying on the subject of custom, this canna watch is a perfect addition to your man's wardrobe. The wood carved engraving is perfect for sentiment while the oak color and the dark colored band matches just about any outfit. The Skin and Grain Vinyl Ivory watch features a natural minimalistic look. Made from lighter shades of oak, this watch features a simple, yet charming grain pattern. With black hands and markers against a pale brown watch face, this is easy to read and presents a humble and affectionate appearance.

19. Frost Pipe

Frost Pipe

This amazing kit gives smokers a way to make a pipe out of ice. How cool is that? a pipe that will deliver a nice cool toke every time. You wont find a cooler hit with any other pipe and you wont have more fun making a pipe. If you wan to be discreet, this pipe is perfect because it melts, so literally no evidence of smoking and always a chance to start agin.

20. Pocket Oil Rig

Pocket Oil Rig

The most concealable dab rig yet, the pocket oil rigfeatures a donut perc and a beaker shape design.Don't be fooled by it's size this thing provides an excellent chug allowing you to draw really hard without any splash. Great for smoking on the go, this little piece is equipped with all the mazing features of a larger oil rig, all in a bite-sized convenient way.

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