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Coolest Bongs That Double as Decor

Function Meets Fashion: Coolest Bongs That Double as Decor

Imagine - a pyramid-shaped cool bong dipped in soft, pastel colors and intricate designs sitting on the counter of your living room. Wouldn’t it add an air of wonder to your living room? Well, if this excites you, you’re in for an aesthetic ride as Badass Glass brings you a variety of cool bong designs that can double up as a statement piece in your home.

You see, those days are long gone when simple, clear bongs were enough. Smoking enthusiasts need bong designs that define their lifestyle and reflect their personality. It makes sense too, as bongs are increasingly becoming a trendy part of everyone’s lifestyle. It’s only fair that such an indispensable smoking tool should also enhance the interior decor of the environment where it’s placed.

So let’s embark on this journey of exploring the coolest bongs that can double up a work of art for your living room.

Cool Bong Designs as Decorative Elements

If you go back a decade or two, bongs are simply utilitarian devices that help people take their cannabis experience up a notch. However, things have shaken up a bit now.

Bong designers are now creating cool bong designs that blur the boundaries of whether it’s a functional tool or a showpiece. The seamless fusion of style and substance in bongs has won the hearts of smokers. They are no longer just about smoking. They are now about creating a statement.

Functionality and Form

Cool bongs are beautiful intersections of form and functionality. The delicate balance of both in one smoking accessory makes your experience richer. 

With precise engineering, bongs are designed to maximize functionality. The right placement and design of the chambers, percolators, and mouthpiece ensure your every inhale is a move of ease. There is a conscious effort to select bong materials that align with the user's choices.

And cool bong designs are not just about their utility. They go beyond and serve as an artistic expression. Whether you like geometric patterns, handcrafted designs, or funky elements on your bong, you can find a bong that speaks to you. You may even choose the one that signifies a cultural resemblance and adds a layer of depth and meaning to your bong.

How to Incorporate Bongs into Home Decor?

We’re sure you are fascinated by the idea of a cool bong by now. Here comes the big question then - how would you add the bong to your home decor seamlessly? Don’t worry - we have some tips!

Choosing the Right Bong to Match Your Decor and Home Aesthetics

First things first, understand that the bong is as much a part of your aesthetic expression as any other expensive art decor you brought home. It is not just a smoking accessory. 

Therefore, when you explore bongs online at our marketplace, think about your preferences, artistic style, and existing home decor. You will find an array of stunning designs based on your choices. So think about whether you want a vibrant and quirky piece or a minimalist and sleek design. 

Placing Your Bong in a Prominent Location

Gone are the days when bongs were hidden behind the cupboard doors in a dark corner. Today is the era of bongs — and you must let them shine. Take them out of your closet and place them somewhere they can be admired for their beauty. 

If you're looking for placement ideas, we have got you covered. Get all the attention to your cool bong by keeping it on the shelf of the living room. You can also place it in a glass display cabinet. Or if you have a smoking room, make it the centerpiece there.

Decorating Around Your Bong to Elevate the Space

Your job doesn’t end just by placing the bong at an ideal spot. Think about it - if you’ve invested money to buy the coolest bong, shouldn’t you show it off by elevating your space?

Think of ways that can create a vibe around your cool bong space. You can begin by instilling a soft light to illuminate the bong. The next step is to pick complementary colors that bring the best out of your bong space. You can also pick craft pieces to keep around the bong and make a cohesive art statement. 

Top 3 Prominent Brands and Their Popular Designs

SWRV Glass

SWRV Glass is one of the best glass brands for cool bong designs in glass material. Let’s be honest - there is nothing more elegant and sophisticated than a glass bong. Its shiny exterior and transparent look instantly add grace to the bong. 

This brand is all about pushing the bar when it comes to the designs. From its Hieroglyphic Sandblasted Bong to Cactus Carb Cap to Octopus Bong, you’ll be blown away by its masterpieces. 

Empire Glassworks

If you want your bong to look the least like a bong, Empire Glassworks has got your back. They are a leading brand when it comes to immersive bong designs and accessories. If you want a super adorable design, the Kitty Donut Bowl can win your heart in an instant. For the artistic crowd who loves avocados, the Avocado Bong Bowl is worth checking out. 


Waxmaid is the perfect choice for those who want high-quality silicone bongs. They have got some stellar and creative options in their bag. Take the Penis Bong, for example. Its funky dick design and perfect girth will definitely make for some cheeky conversations and loud jokes. 

The Bong Collector's Perspective

You must have heard of fine art collectors, but what are bong collectors? They are people who love to collect unique and limited-edition bong pieces. For them, a bong is much more than a regular smoking tool. It’s an art form for them that they appreciate and collect.   And if you want to have some fun, the Eggplant Pipe will give your friends a kick every time they see it.


It’s a world of captivating and cool bong designs out there. So why settle for an ordinary bong?

Whether you’re a regular bong smoker or a bong collector, Badass Glass has unique designs. From SWRV Glass to Empire Glassworks to Waxmaid, we house cream brands that offer the most exquisite collection. Explore our online shop to buy the coolest bongs today.
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