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10 Of The Best Shows to Watch High

10 Of The Best Shows to Watch High

Smokers are often painted as lazy and irresponsible people, sitting on the couch all day getting high in front of the TV. While we all know this isn't true (for the majority of us anyway), sometimes even the most productive smoker wants to relax and do just that—get super high and watch TV. And is that a crime? Absolutely not!

However, then comes the dreaded cycle of what to watch. Comedy, Cartoons, Food show (that's the munchies talking.) You're high, mouth open (probably) sitting in front of the screen cycling through your options. Netflix, Hulu, HBO or one of the many other streaming services. Your options are endless - it's a mess. To make your selection process a little bit easier here is our list of the top 10 shows to watch while you’re high.

Adventure Time - Animated

This whimsical animated show follows a boy named Finn and his friend Jake the Dog as they explore the magical post-apocalyptic land of Ooo. Though the show originally aired on Cartoon Network, it's gained a massive cult-like following in teens and adults alike and seems perfect for smokers. The show starts off sweet, but develops a dark underlying story as the seasons progress. With unique characters to help them along the way, Finn and Jake set off on their next adventure. Best part is episodes are only 11 minutes, and you have 10 seasons.

Trailer Park Boys - Comedy - Personal Pick!

In this mockumentary, following their release form jail, Ricky and Julian head back to their home in Nova Scotia's fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park. The boys reunite with their old friends, most notably Bubbles, and try to get on the right path, but these ex-cons are always coming up with their next get-rich quick scheme. Closely watched by the trailer park supervisor Lahey who wants them out of the park, they usually land the boys back in jail. 

F*ck That’s Delicious - Food Show

Rapper Action Bronson has traveled the world on tour as a musician, but before the fame he worked as a chef in his home of New York. Getting back into his culinary roots, in this Viceland show Bronson travels to the places he's toured looking for the best food, drink, and smoking around. His appreciation for the food, how it's made, and the culture around it will inspire you to enjoy all things in life.

Bob’s Burgers - Animated

If you have yet to watch Bob’s Burgers you’re truly missing out on this animated masterpiece. Bob Belcher and wife Linda, along with their three misfit children Tina, Gene, and Louise, work alongside each other in the family's burger restaurant trying to make ends meet. Though awkward and embarrassing, the family is always full of love, even when the kids get in trouble at school, or a catering gig goes south. Each character is their own kind of hilarious.

Broad City - Comedy

Ilana and Abbi are two best friends living in New York City just trying to get by. With very little money, these girls maneuver their way through the city life, regularly experiencing the absolute worst of luck. They just want to be able to go to brunch, smoke a joint, and always be able to pay their rent on time, but clearly being an adult doesn’t always work that way.

Stranger Things - Thriller

Don’t watch this if smoking makes you feel paranoid because this show is scary af at times, but that’s what makes it so good. Set in the 80s, this show follows 4 DnD loving teen boys who get sucked into the supernatural happens in their small Indiana town. When one of the friends goes missing and a girl with psychokinetic powers suddenly appears, the boys try to save them both from whatever is happening. Now with 3 seasons out, this show has much to love.

Workaholics - Comedy

After slacking off in college, friends Adam, Andres, and Blake enter the workforce together to try to make it in the real world. These three roommates work at a telemarketing company, but commonly find themselves still sticking to their college activities such as drinking, parting, and drugs. It’s almost unbelievable some of the situations they get into, but they'll have you laughing the whole time.

Lucas Brother Moving Co. - Animated

Twin comedic duo, Keith and Kenny Lucas created an animated television show on Fox and it’s pure 90’s nostalgia joy. The identical brothers inherit their uncle's van and decide to open a moving company in their Brooklyn neighborhood. Though their jobs lead them on cvrazy adventures, it's all in the name of paying rent and smoking that "dank dank” as they like to call it.

Master Chef - Food Show

You ever smoke too much and the munchies hit hard, but you just can’t decide what to eat? Here’s a solution; watch Master Chef. Created by the experienced and hilarious chef Gordon Ramsay, this culinary competition features the amazing culinary skills of amateur and home cooks across the United States. Get totally inspired by the contestant creations and then go throw down in the kitchen.

The Office - Comedy

This documentary style comedy follows the daily lives of office employees at a failing Pennsylvania paper company. Manager Michael, desperate to be liked, tries to keep up company morale with his humor during uncertain times in the business, but usually falls flat. Even if you have watched it before, watch it again while you’re high and you’ll find it even more hilarious.

If you are still unsure what to watch, check out our blog on The Best Movies to Watch When Your High.

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