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15 Best Music Videos To Watch When You’re High

15 Best Music Videos To Watch When You’re High

Any stoner knows how good the vibes are when you roll one and throw on some good music.

Whether you’re chilling with friends or relaxing with a bowl after a long day of work, nothing beats good music and creative visuals when you are smoking.

Especially when you have music that is designed with the perfect beats and colorful displays.

Below we have curated a fun list of some of the best music videos to watch when you’re stoned. But beware, some of these are pretty trippy!

1. Bonobo - Cirrus

From deep electronic beats to insane visuals. Bonobo is a classic artist for listening to while high. Cirrus will give you a major head trip as it deconstructs various parts of society.

The textured visuals will also scratch a certain itch in your brain when stoned. While this is a classic video to watch high, expect to trip out with almost any of Bonobo’s music videos.

2. Lana Del Ray - Freak

For a laid back smoke sesh whether it be solo or with someone you can vibe with, Lana Del Ray has created a whimsical video that will give you some magical vibes while toking up.

As her fans say, Lana makes music that gets better with time, like fine wine. The colors in this video are a bit easier on the eyes and the perfect pairing for a laid back night of getting high, without a major head trip.

3. Ariana Grande - God is a woman

Not only is her voice delicate to listen to when high, but the idea behind God is a woman to make people question God.

On top of that, the production for this video is literally *out of this world* (just watch and you will see what we mean).

4. Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Tame Impala is one of the most popular artists for “tripping out to." His album Currents has tons of hits and the visuals are pretty insane too. The song “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” will make you have all the good vibes.

Tame is classic at developing crazy visuals and psychedelic beats for the best smoking seshes.

5. Salvatore Ganacci - Horse

Okay this one is a little weird and may not be for everyone, but the use of animals, people and electronic beats will have your stoner head in a spin. This is a video to make you say WTF when both stoned and sober.

We don’t have many words to explain this one, but for randomness and to make your brain question what you are watching, we highly recommend checking this out.

6. BLOOD INCANTATION - Inner Paths (to Outer Space)

A major head trip to have you question the world, humans and the impact on the environment. This is a mind trip of a video that will take you on a deep trip through the universe.

The audiovisuals keep you stuck traveling through space and time, while the audio is focused on everyday human society.

7. deadmau5 & The Neptunes - Pomegranate

Deadmau5 is one of the best artists at taking those dreams you don’t have words for and putting them into visual art.

Their random use of words in songs that somehow mix well with one another may not make sense to the sober brain, but for anyone who is high this is music to your ears.

8. Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

Pink Floyd is one of the most classic stoner artists, going back to the classic days of the 70's. Almost any true stoner at one point or another has listened to Pink Floyd and delighted in their trippy tunes.

Welcome to the Machine is a recommended video for its anime visuals and subtle plays on human greed.

9. Lil Dicky - Earth

For a light hearted beat to keep your spirits up when toking, Lil Dicky has created a super fun song with great audiovisuals.

Explore the Earth and appreciate mother nature with this fun music video that gives total video game vibes and though this was produced by Lil Dicky, expect to hear all kinds of artists throughout this song as they each take on various animals to show off the beauty of Earth.

10. Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer

Gambino is known to produce solid beats for smoking, as he is a big stoner himself. His “Feels Like Summer” hit is perfect for rolling up a J in the summer time and kicking back to some good tunes.

Released in 2019, this song still bangs for any stoner with its laid back visuals and super chill vibe.

11. Doja Cat - So High

Doja totally embodies the inner female goddess in this song that will make life itself feel like a drug.

When paired with a good smoke session, the moodiness of this song is super laid back and great for a late night bong session.

12. Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying

This cartoon animated video is perfect for cultivating creativity when you hit a toke sesh. Honestly the animations done by Dan Deacon here can’t be beat.

The exchange with Mother Earth in this song is enough to have you sitting back in awe as you smoke the plant of Mother Nature herself. We highly recommend this for a chill night of smoking, whether it be solo or with friends.

13. INZO - Overthinker

This short story and animation may definitely get you over thinking - but in a good way. It's filled with raw emotions and deep purple hues.

INZO is a master at story telling and his music has the power to transport you to another dimension.

14. The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever

An oldie but a goodie, don’t smoke too much with this one or you seriously may start to trip out. The Beatles know how to balance charm with trippy visuals.

Although this is an older video, they were definitely ahead of their time for the stoner crowd, making it a timeless piece of art to watch when high.

15. A$AP Mob - Yamborghini High ft. Juicy J

Kick back with some friends with this treat that will give you all the audiovisuals for when you’re high.

A$AP Mob is great for social smoking and the colors mixed with graphics of this video are sure to make a night of smoking extra fun.

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