XL Double Stack Wormhole Dab Rig

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Wormhole Dab Rig by Diamond

This is one incredible feat of glass blowing.  This level of intricacy takes weeks to make and years of skills. From top to bottom, this piece is unique, innovative, and overall a great conversation starter among friends in a given session. Diamond glass has once again nailed this piece with its perfect build all throughout, featuring an out of character non glass piece. The material used provides a strong and sturdy dab rig for you to enjoy without ever having to worry about it shattering. 

Wormhole Dab Rig Features

The pillars and the colors are done extremely well. Although it is hard to see the percolator, you can feel it working, diffusing the smoke and preventing any rough and unflavorful hit. Inside is an inline stem with perfect sized holes for one of the most incredible pulls. The deep bowl piece allows you to pack as much as possible to get the job done quicker. The unique mouthpiece allows you take every last sip of the smoke and the design lets you take the hits comfortably. 


  • Unique design Strong for the clumsiest of smokers
  • Inline Stem Allow for smooth hits
  • Made By Diamond Glass
  • Height: 6.5 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Includes: Bowl Piece

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