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The Martian Blunt Bubbler by MJ Arsenal

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    • Filter your blunts and joints
    • Cool egg bubbler design
    • Small, portable, and easily concealable
    • Cone shaped opening to fit most blunts
    • Height: 3 inches

Get Cleaner Hits with The Blunt Bubbler

The blunt bubbler eliminates the harshness of smoking a blunt or joint by filtering it through water. We all love to smoke a good blunt or joint, but towards the end it definitely gets very resinated, oily, and can even burn your fingers and get smoke in your eye. This micro bubbler is the perfect solution for all of those issues and more. The best part is that it stands nicely on its own so you can set it down wherever you please

There's nothing quite like smoking a blunt or joint, this bubbler conveniently filters the water without adding much bulk. This way we still get all the enjoyment from holding and smoking a joint but much more filtered. The blunt bubbler is the perfect little travel companion that can be worn as a pendant, and is much easier to pass around than a bong.

Get yours today with free shipping anywhere in the US, you can grab one for a friend and save money. Whether you actually need a more filtered blunt or just a new cool gadget to smoke from, the blunt bubbler is the perfect candidate. It will provide endless fun at an affordable price.