Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter


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  • Smoke buddy captures smoke so you can smoke in more places
  • No longer does the whole place have to smell
  • Great to have if there are kids around
  • Perfect for hotels and apartment complexes
  • Last up to 6 months

Use Smoke Buddy to Capture Your Smoke

Smoke Buddy is a personal air filter designed to capture smoke or vapor. This will allow you to smoke indoors or around neighbors without disturbing anyone. Just simply remove the caps from both ends and blow smoke into the mouth side. This product is far better than many others that just mask the smoke, this actually captures it and does not let it escape. This will keep your room or apartment from stinking up so bad. However, there will still be a little smell from any left over cherry in the bowl. But if you like to pack snaps, then blowing through the smoke buddy after will definitely be as discreet as it gets for now. This air filter is super clutch, you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Let's be honest, while we can smoke pretty freely at times there are still many times where can't stink up the whole place with some fire. The smoke buddy will be your favorite smoking companion and favorite smoking accessory.

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