Silicone Bubble Cap

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The average smoker probably thinks of carb caps as a secondary accessory, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Carb caps allow dabbers to experience the full potential of their domeless nails and savor every bit of wax, giving you every but of the flavor. If you dab without a carb cap, you’ll be constantly pulling cold air into the chamber of your nail. This flow of air will cool down your oil before you’re able to enjoy all of the flavors  left to offer. 

The silicone bubble cap is made from food grade silicone, so it more than safe for your use and the durable silicone withstands extreme heat so the silicone will never ruin your hit. Allowing the small neck to direct the airflow, it cools the hit so you wont ever have to worry about any damage to your lungs or throat. This makes every hit you take a smooth and flavorful one. Find out why so many people are requiring the silicone bubble cap as part of their set up and why this little bubble cap is taking the industry by storm. 

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