Silicone Ash Catcher by Waxmaid


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At less than half the weight of a glass ash catcher, the Silicone Ash Catcher is no joke when it comes to performance. Featuring a long diffused downstem and large chamber, this ash catcher dutifully filters your smoke before it ever reaches your pipe. That extra level of diffusion promises a smoother, fuller, more flavorful hit without all the ash and resin.

This attachment comes with a universal joint to fit most standard-sized bongs. The joint is flexible, too, providing an excellent seal. So keep your pipe cleaner and smoke cooler with the addition of this easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and impossible-to-break Silicone Ash Catcher by Waxmaid. Your lungs will thank you and we’ll even send it out with fast, FREE, discreet shipping.


  • Height: 4 Inches
  • Percs: Diffused Stem
  • Bowl Size: 14mm
  • Joint Size: Universal Fit
  • Angle: 45 Degree

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