Pyramid Scheme by Diamond


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We're about to offer you an AMAZING opportunity with this Pyramid Scheme Rig. No, it won't make you and your friends rich, but it will get you all ripped. Like a proper pyramid, this sturdy rig is built on a strong foundation with a thick, heavy base in your a crisp blue trim. Inside the chamber you'll find a pyramid shaped showerhead percolator that provides a satisfying pull with a clean smooth hit. 

You may have been warned about Pyramid Schemes before, but this one has the Badsss Glass seal of approval. Share this rig with your friends, family, or anyone who wants will listen to this low-risk, high-reward opportunity! Eligible for FREE, discreet shipping like all our best glass.


  • Long, curved neck keeps you away from the heat
  • Height: 8 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female 
  • Includes: 14mm Male Banger

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