Scientific Beaker Oil Rig By Diamond Glass


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This unique oil rig is a small example to the innovation and creativity Diamond Glass brings to the table. The Scientific Beaker Oil Rig is a features a flipped system where the mouthpiece comes out from the side like a bowl normally does, and the joint is on top. The bowl/banger being on top of this small rig only makes it more convenient to enjoy a sesh. The long and flared mouthpiece allows for a comfortable feel and prevents any backsplash.

The thick base has two thick rings that wrap around the edge making it a sturdy little rig. The precision cut showerhead perc allows for lots of bubbles and doesn't gunk from repeated use. This rig keeps going for many, many sessions before needing to be cleaned.


  • Flipped joint and mouthpiece
  • Height: 5 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Includes: 14mm Quartz Banger

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