Sake Bottle Rig

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This Sake Bottle Rig is a perfect rig toIf you enjoy smoking comfortably. Featuring a fixed downstem for diffusion and a sake bottle design to prevent any splash back. The sake bottle design lets you comfortably fill water for filtration and the bottle like mouthpiece allows you to take comfortable hits that almost no other bong will provide. The thick borosilicate glass protects the rig and the clear glass allows you to watch the smoke rise up.

Sake Bottle Rigs For Sale

Don't let the intricate design fool you, the Sake bottle rig packs quite a punch. Standing at about 7 inches, this rig can hang with the best of them. The bottle design lets you hold the rig in one hand, so you never have to worry about dropping it! It also provides convenience, meaning you can smoke on the go or in the comfort of your home.  The 14mm nail allows you to pack it with concentrate and have a magical sesh anytime you pull this rig. It may not have a fancy percolator, but the filtration is just as good! Don't miss out, but this amazing sake bottle rig today!

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