Reactor by Diamond Glass

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The Reactor takes scientific glass to the next level. Few other pieces are so immediately eye-catching and awe-inspiring as this towering 18 inch beauty by Diamond Glass. Well-anchored on a wide, heavy base, it features three levels of unique diffusion designed to give you the most heavenly smoking experience possible.

Quad rocket percolators start the show just above the base and lead the smoke through 8 identical arms that transport it to the suspended “floating” second chamber. The second chamber contains a truly unique reactor perc that delivers the third and final round of heavy diffusion. It's made from the highest quality 5mm borosilicate glass throughout, giving even the thinnest points extra durability.


  • Height: 16 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Joint Size: 18mm
  • Base Diameter: 4.5 inches
  • Includes: Dry herb bowl

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