Quartz Dabuccino Nail and Cap Combo

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The Quartz Dabuccino Nail and Cap Combo is a uniquely shaped female dab nail with a directional airflow nail that's reminiscent of cappuccino foam! The nail's cone is very thick - 4mm - and able to retain heat so as it bubbles up, it slides right back down to vaporize further. You'll have much less concentrate waste with this combo!

This uncommon design will surely have all your friends wanting to try it and wondering where you got it. Make sure to let them know where they can get the most Badass Glass to elevate their smoking experience!


    • Joint Size: 14mm & 18mm Female
    • Joint Angle: 90 Degrees
    • Includes: 1 Quartz Dabuccino Nail & Matching Carb Cap

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