Puddle Pusher - Directional Airflow Carb Cap by SWRV Glass

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This beautifully ridged carb cap will direct air exactly where you want it. Push those puddles around with the Puddle Pusher Carb Cap

This is one of the nicest directional airflow carb caps that we have ever seen. The Puddle Pusher by SWRV Glass features a perfectly ridged wheel that is easy for you to turn. This is great for directing the airflow of the piece so that it hits all the sides of the nail without leaving behind any puddles

For those low-temp dabs this is this piece is ideal, just drop it on your nail and watch as it cleans up all of those little puddles by shooting air in all the harder to reach areas. If you don't want to take our word for it check out our customer reviews. The proof is in the pusher!

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