Pink Mini Bubbler

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Need a portable pocket piece for discreet pick-me-ups in the parking lot? We're not here to judge - we're here to help! The Pink Mini Bubbler was made with sneaky ninja tokers like you in mind, granting you the pleasure of smooth water filtration on the go! Just add a little water and a lot of flower to start the party no matter where you find yourself, without needing to lug around a full-sized bubbler.

Ready to fit in your hand, pocket, or purse, this pipe measures just 4” tall. Don't worry about being burned, though. The curved mouthpiece and tilted bowl make this bubbler safe to use. Even though it leans, this pipe sits on a flat base for easy storage when not in use.

As if that wasn't enough, the Pink Mini Bubbler is priced for ANY budget. We'll even throw in free, fast shipping on this piece so what are you waiting for? Order the Pink Mini Bubbler today!

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