Nexus Hockey Puck Oil Rig

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Nexus Hockey Puck Oil Rig
Includes a 14mm Glass Nail and Dome

Nexus Hockey Puck Oil Rig

Height: 7"
Percs: Stem with holes
Nail Size: 14mm Glass Nail
Joint Size: 14mm
Tubing Thickness: 4mm
Base Thickness: 5mm
Tubing Size: 60mm
Made in the USA by Local Home Grown Glass Blowers


The hockey puck is a great oil rig with a unique design. This piece functions really well. Resembling an actual hockey puck, the nexus puck rig is a powerful little rig. Made of thick borosilicate glass and standing at sturdy, this nexus rig is the best for the clumsy smoker. Featuring a long, curved mouthpiece for comfortable smoking as well as preventing backsplash, this simple but effective Nexus puck does the job.


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