9" Matrix Jet Perc Dab Rig


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The very best pieces strike the delicate balance between form and function, just like this remarkable rig does. Fit with iridescent jade green accents from top to bottom and matching Diamond Glass decal, this stunningly symmetrical rig is a feast for the senses before you even take a hit.

At 9” tall, this rig fits perfectly in your hand without being too large or heavy. It's made from 5mm borosilicate glass and sits on a heavy, broad base for added support. Inside the chamber you'll find a precision-cut matrix jet perc, which is one of our favorite features. Normal barrel percs offer awesome smoke filtration but are notoriously difficult to clean. The matrix jet, however, leaves one end open so debris can easily be washed out when you change the water.

Although this rig comes with a matching Purple Slyme bowl-piece, the frosted joint fits awesomely with one of our quartz bangers or other male accessories. Order now to enjoy fast, free delivery and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Height: 9 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Includes: 14mm Male Dry Herb Bowl

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