Lighthouse Dab Rig by Glob Squad

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    • Showered percolator for smooth, even diffusion
  • Perfect gift for nautical and pirate collectors
  • Glass Thickness:
  • Height: 11”
  • Joint: 14mm
  • Includes: Dry herb bowl

  • Lighthouse Dab Rig

    Product Overview

    Falling firmly in the category of Things You Didn't Know You Wanted, this waterpipe answers the burning question What would it be like to smoke out of a lighthouse? Our answer: Flippin' awesome. With powerful diffusion that rivals the raging sea, you'll be treated to some of the cleanest, tastiest hits possible. As smoke fills the chamber, you can really make out the clear silhouette of a highly detailed pirate ship amid the sandblasted background. Perfect for either flower or concentrate, the joint is set low so you can keep an eye on the nail or bowl when you take a hit. This is a beautifully crafted piece that will turn heads in a crowd and makes an excellent gift. Order today to enjoy FREE, next-day shipping and our 100% money back guarantee.




    • Flared Mouthpiece - The mouthpiece is flared outwards to conform better to your lips and create a nice air tight seal that is comfortable and easy to use.
    • Showerhead Perc - The showerhead percolator is a circular percolator with evenly cut slits going all the way around. This percolator has excellent diffusion and a smooth and consistent chug.
    • Sandblast Design - This piece has been sandblasted to give it a frosted finish.

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