Klein Incycler by Bougie Glass

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There’s a lot to cover with this 9” masterpiece so let’s jump right in. The Klein Incycler by Bougie is a tour de force of beautiful aesthetics and an unbeatable smoking experience. Like recyclers, incyclers cool smoke and reduce splash by feeding water back down into the chamber. Unlike recyclers, incyclers don’t add any increased drag to your pull. That means you get the same smooth rips you would from a recycler with less effort.

  • Height: 9" Tall
  • Joint Size:  14mm 
  • Includes 14mm bowl

Klein Incycler For Sale

This Klein Incycler also features a colorful showerhead percolator for better filtration. You’ll be able to take bigger hits without the pain thanks to this double-level diffusion. This rig also features a recessed center for a comfortable grip and attractive shape. Watch our video to see this amazing piece in action, or read the reviews from real customers below. Everyone loves the Klein Incycler by Bougie and you will too when you order today and get FREE, fast shipping right to your door.


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