Incycler Puffco Peak Glass Attachment

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If you are looking to upgrade your peak then the Incycler Puffco Peak attachment by Killa Glass is definitely one to take seriously.  We have not seen any similar attachments for less than $500.  The colored incycler funnel will drain the water perfectly down the middle and keep your lips dry.  Sturdy and durable while sitting on the base, the outer stem is also made extra long to keep any water from accidentally traveling into the unit.  This will keep your expensive Puffco unit nice and dry to avoid any possible damage.  Each Killa Glass incycler also comes with a matching carb cap to complete that epic set up.  We have the best return policy and a safe delivery guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to worry about other than what color to pick. 

This Puffco Peak Incycler attachment by Killa Glass is a huge step up from the stock unit.  Be sure to check out our function video below to really see this incycler in action.  The showerhead percolator fills this tube with bubbles, and the water drains ever so nicely down the middle and to the bottom before it can ever hit your lips! 


  • Height: 7 inches
  • Includes: (1) Puffco Peak Recycler Attachment and (1) Matching Carb Cap


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