Honeycomb Wig Wag Bubbler

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This is a deceptively simple bubbler with powerful diffusion and gorgeous aesthetics. Take a moment to appreciate the swirling peacock colors that wrap around the body of this piece. The feathery design extends to the included glass dome, really making this rig stand out in a crowd. Jet-black accents around the base and neck pull the look together.

But looks aren't everything, and this bubbler will also blow you away with its incredible diffusion and smooth smoking experience. A honeycomb perc with dozens of laser-cut holes sends endless bubbles of cool, pure smoke your way. You'll stay dry no matter how hard you pull from the comfortable, wide-lipped mouthpiece. It's angled for optimum comfort and minimal splash, giving you a flawless toke every time.

If you want a rig that looks great and smokes better, look no further than the Honeycomb Wig Wag by Maverick. It's ideal for beginners and experts alike who want a dependable rig that works just as well with flower as it does with concentrate. We're happy to send your whole order out with FREE, discreet shipping, backed by our 100% money back guarantee.


  • Unique swirls of color accented by solid black details
  • Wide, angled mouthpiece reduces splash and makes for a comfortable smoking position
  • Height: 10 Inches
  • Joint Size: 18mm Female
  • Includes: Matching Bowl

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