Grip Mats for Bongs


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Grip mats are a must have for almost every smoker that has a bong or wax rig. Majority of us have experienced our favorite glass bong breaking at some point.  Most of the time it's that one clumsy friend who forgets the bong is right next to him and somehow manages to knock it over.  Grip mats help minimize the risk of that happening by providing a dual sided super adhesive mat.  Simply stick one side down on the table and bong on top.  Now you, your pet or friend won't be able to easily tap it over. 

  • Made with nanotechnology to provide an adhesive surface that is still gentle on your glassware.
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Available in three colors; Red, Green, Purple
  • NOTE - Designs May Vary!

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