Gluegar Rolling Glue for Blunts - 1 Liter


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If you need rolling glue in wholesale quantities than we recommend the 1 liter bottle by Gluegar.  For those who are in the business of making pre rolls such as backwoods and blunts wraps this is the best rolling glue available.  The viscosity is thicker than other comparable brands so you use less and the wraps stick better.  

The 1 liter is available in OG Flavorless profile so it won't alter the taste of the final product.

As always Gluegar makes their products with 2 simple ingredients.

  • 1. Cellulose Ether (which is a plant derived adhesive
  • 2. Distilled Water

NOTE: If you need more than a liter.  We recommend buying the 1 Gallon Rolling Glue.


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