Glass Elephant Bubbler

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Whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift, the Elephant Bubbler is an adorable, affordable piece that everyone will love. Complete with matching bowl piece, smoke travels down into the elephant’s tummy and out through its trunk. A carb hole in back allows for a comfortable grip, while the elephant’s four feet provide excellent free-standing stability.

Elephant Bubbler Bong

This Elephant Bubbler bong features a long downstem, too, so you may add as much or as little water as you like for the perfect chug. Made with thick, fumed glass, this bubbler changes color as you smoke, too. Each time you smoke, a lovely purple and blue patina builds up to make each elephant bubbler truly unique.

Cheap Elephant Bubblers

Priced to meet every budget, now every smoker can have a cool piece like the Elephant Bubbler pipe in their collection. Don’t worry about ordering online, either. All our glass is lovingly wrapped in two layers of protection before shipping fast and free right to your door. Order now to start smoking from this awesome Elephant bubbler in just a few days.

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