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Dragon Bong

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The Dragon Bong fuels the love for the fiery, mystical beast and with all the smoke it produces, it will give you the feeling of breathing fire.Are you the Mother of Dragons? A Dragon aficionado that must have everything dragon? Well do we have a perfect bong for you. Whether you have a fascination for medieval culture, or you binge watch Game of Thrones, this glass bong is perfect to fuel your love for dragons, Our dragon shaped bong will satisfy your fiery cravings while supplying that “wow” factor among friends in any given sesh.

Whatever your affinity, the symbol of a dragon in your bong is a worthy one, indeed. Not only do dragons carry significant meaning for the smoker from the design, but they are also the perfect mascot for sparking up your favorite herb with their infamous beast. Whether you are looking to add a dragon to your smoking line-up or fire up an all-out theme, you can find a perfect piece for your needs in our dragon bong.

This straight shooter bong is built with thick, sturdy glass that helps protect the bong from the outside world. The orange trimmings only complement the beautifully crafted "Dragon Perc" that controls and filters the smoke. The wide bowl piece allows you to pack in a good amount fo herb and the flitted mouthpiece allows you to comfortably rip and enjoy the high. 


  • Thick, Sturdy Glass The thick glass protects the bong and becomes one of your most trusted bongs
  • Well crafted "Dragon Perc" The Dragon attached to the matrix perc perfectly filters smoke and gives you a cool hit.
  • Wide, flitted Mouthpiece Allows for comfortable rips
  • Height: 10.5 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Includes: Bowl Piece