Dinosaur Dab Rig by SWRV Glass

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  • Unique dinosaur design
  • Solid function and design
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Dinosaur Dab Rig by SWRV Glass

For those swapping out their bong for a neat dab rig look no further. The dinosaur dab rig by SWRV Glass is a must have for glass collecting oil lovers. The shape of the dinosaur makes for the most perfect dab rig. The face of the dinosaur is a nicely shaped mouthpiece and its four-legged base give this piece great stability.

Not only is it cool to look at, but the thick, borosilicate glass makes this piece resilient. Take it back to the cretaceous period with this piece and enjoy the high it gives you as you watch the smoke build up. Whether you're a dino lover or you just appreciate good craftsmanship, this pice is one for you.Enjoy both FREE shipping and our 100% money back guarantee on this understated piece.


  • Three-Hole Diffy - Three hole diffused stem for idea percolation and consistent chug.
  • Polished Joint - Instead of having the rough ground glass joint, this joint has been polished so that your nail or bowl piece will glide smoothly without getting stuck in the joint.
  • Banger Hanger Design - his rig features a banger hanger design which is essentially an upright female joint that is designed to be used with a quartz banger. Banger hangers have become very popular due to their simple yet effective design. 

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