Black Zong Bong


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The unique design of the Zong Bong is unique , with the signature "Z" shaped tubes. This not only makes high-quality and cool-looking bongs, but provides the zig zag affect in your smoke you wont find anywhere else! The Zong Bong with the spiral glass works its way from the water chamber up to the tube.

This unique design allows smoke to diffuse through small holes places along the underside of the tubes.Another unique disc design pushes the smoke to the bottom of that water chamber before it can be pulled up. This means that every time you take a hit of the Zong Bong, you get more flavor and less smoke.


  • Height: 8 Inches
  • Joint Size: 18mm Female
  • Includes: 14/18mm LoPro Downstem & Matching Bowl

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