Beaker Bong with 8-arm Percolator by Diamond Glass - EXTRA THICK


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This is one stunning scientific piece that begs to be smoked and is sure to turn heads. Crystal clear glass is accented by understated teal accents, giving this piece a regal appearance. At the center, a beautiful 8-arm percolator hangs, ready to deliver pure, even diffusion after smoke first travels through the diffused downstem. You'll get cool, smooth, tasty hits every time, especially if you use the well-placed ice catcher.

Made from 5mm thick borosilicate, this is one of the thickest, strongest pieces we offer. All tubing is extra thick, especially around the joint, meaning this bong can take a tumble without breaking. Even the 8-arm perc is made from thick glass and is fused to the bottom of the chamber for better stability. We guarantee that you'll love this and all our glass or your money back. Order today to get FREE shipping.


  • Diffused downstream leads to an 8-arm percolator for two levels of diffusion
  • Height: 14 Inches
  • Joint Size: 18mm Female
  • Includes: 18/14mm LoPro Downstem and 14mm Bowl
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