6 Foot Bong

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Ok are you kidding, a 6 foot bong made of thick glass!  Yes, you are one hundred percent correct. Bougie Glass has made a few 6 foot bongs exclusively for us so do not miss out if this is what you are looking for.  We've all seen big plastic bongs but a 6 footer made out of glass is definitely one of a kind and will send you straight into space.  

The legendary 6 foot tall glass bong is one mythical piece that will challenge even the hardcore smokers.  Clearing this badboy is one extreme challenge that you got to do with your best smoking buddies.  We only trust Bougie Glass for producing this tall beaker bong and they did an absolute amazing job with 9mm thick glass and a nice thick beaker bottom that sits firmly.  They also took it one step further by using an extra thick joint for even more durability.

  • Height: 6 Feet (72 inches) 
  • Includes: Diffused Stem and 14mm Bong Bowl

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