4.5" Black Light Glass Pipe

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4.5" Black Light Glass Pipe
4.5" Black Light Glass Pipe Sleek, sexy, and stylish can all be used to describe this piece. Much like a black light show, it features a sick design down the middle, which can only be described as “scale-like”. It fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, and is a comfortable 4.5” in length. The price is right, and the piece is right--you can’t go wrong! All packages arrive discreetly in appearance.
  • Fumed Glass - Fumed Glass is often made with real gold or silver fumes to give it that metallic look and beautiful gold or silver finish.
  • Thick Glass - Thick glass means it is thicker than standard and has a nice heavy feel to it for added durability.
  • Spoon Design - The spoon design is your most classic design for a pipe, it resembles a spoon with a mouthpiece on one end and a bowl on the other side.
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