14/18mm Hybrid Male Domeless Nail by Dab Logic™

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Hybrid Domeless Nail by Dab Logic

Hybrid Domeless Nail by Dab Logic™

Height: 2" inches
Nail Type: Grade 2 Titanium
Nail Size: 14mm & 18mm
Manufactured in the USA

This Hybrid Domeless Titanium Nail by Dab Logic fits both 14mm & 18mm joints. The lowest end of the nail fits 14mm joints and the middle fits 18mm joints. Simply place nail in the joint and dab. CNC machine made and produced from the highest quality Grade 2 Titanium. The craftsmanship behind this titanium nail makes it perfect for retaining heat under pressure and capable of being torched multiple times without corroding. This is the best Titanium Nail to use for dabbing.

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