Roach Stone


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  • Smoke down to the roach without burning yourself
  • Slim and contoured design
  • Solid stone can be pocketed with ease
  • Keeps the smell off of your fingers
  • Diameter: 1.5"

Roach Stone for Joints and Blunts

A roach stone is a flat stone that you stick your joint or blunt into, so you can smoke it all the way down to the roach. The two holes are slightly misaligned to block some of the resin and ash. The stone is slim and easy to pocket without worries of it breaking. This solid piece of stone is contoured so it fits nicely in between your fingers like an actual blunt. The best part, passing it around to the squad is way easier with this thing. You won't have to worry about anyone dropping the roach and burning the carpet or even worse your car. Say goodbye to soggy and oily roaches, smelly fingers, and burnt lips. You'll wonder how you ever lived without a roach stone.

These joint stones have a hole on each end, the holes are not directly aligned allowing it to catch a lot of resin while still maintaining good air flow.  One side the hole is widened to easily fit your joint, and the mouth side has a slightly smaller hole.  It's no wonder smoke stones have been around for ages, they really can turn an ugly joint into a delightful smoking experience. 

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