18mm Male Reclaimer

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The 18mm male reclaimer from Bougie is a great add-on for concentrate users that want to recover the oil that doesn't get vaporized for later use. It features a removable silicon stopper at the bottom to make cleaning that much easier. Once full, just pull the plug off and reclaim your concentrate. Alternatively, reclaimers effectively help keep your rig clean and free of any clogging.

The silicone bottom also fits any 7ml round container for easy versatility. Once one gets full just pop it off and plug in a new one. Now there's no downtime while you reclaim oil from the first. Happy Smoking!


    • Height: 3 Inches
    • Bowl Size: 18mm Female
    • Joint Size: 18mm Male
    • Angle: 90 Degree
    • Includes: Reclaimer with Removable Silicone Cup

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